Recap of the Mock Draft

This weekend I’m going to put together a little synopsis of everyone’s submission to the mock draft thread.  I enjoyed everyone’s input, and feel free to continue submitting 3 round mocks if you have the time.  It’s a good exercise to get to know guys/prospects that you wouldn’t normally be aware of. 

Stay tuned……… 


The Mock Draft Thread

OK, in my opinion, reading mock drafts written by national heads is a exercise in futility.  Take for instance, as they have mused that the Birds will select PSU’s Dan Connor with the 19th pick.  Brett Myers would call the editor of a “retard” if he read that mock.  Hey I didn’t say it, Brett Myers did.   Don’t shoot the messenger. 

Dan Connor is the top ranked MIKE linebacker as rated by’s draft guru Mike Mayock.  Considering Jim Johnson’s effusive praise of Stewart Bradley (3rd round pick) and his related statement that Bradley looks like his starting MIKE heading into 2008, I’d say the chance of the Birds making Connor their 19th pick is about a million to one. 

So your saying there’s a chance…yeah…I read you. 

Actually no.  So here’s what I propose: has a list of the top 100 prospects heading into the draft.  I ‘d like to see a three round mock based on these rankings.  First a couple of rules:

1.  You cannot select a player rated higher than the Birds’ respective draft slot.  Thus, you cannot select the 18th rated player with the 19th pick.  You cannot select the 48th rated player with the 49th pick.  Got it?  Need more examples?  Didn’t think so.

2.  You cannot select a player with the 19th pick that is rated lower than the next Birds selection.  For example, you cannot select the 50th rated player with the 19th pick.  Not that you would, considering, the 49th pick would seem useful in that situation. 

3.  You CAN select a player not included on the top 100 list, i.e. Jordy Nelson with any pick.

 OK.  Again, here is the link to the top 100 list.     You can post your mock in the comments section or you can email it to me directly ( with a little personal analysis/reasoning and I’ll post them here on the main page. 

The winner takes home a used Max Jean-Gilles jockstrap.  It’s fun at parties, just strap it on the face of the first guy who passes out, Revenge of the Nerds style.

I’ll kick the draft off with my own little best case scenario:

1st Round – 19th pick: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida, 5’10” 197

Among talent evaluators, Jenkins consistently falls into the category of a top 3 cornerback prospect in the 2008 draft.  Jenkins is skilled in press coverage and can run with any receiver.  Also has free safety experience, as preaches that he has “Brian Dawkins like qualities.”  Limited kick returning duties, however, took a kick 100 yards for a TD against Cincinnati.  Who cares if he was tasered by the cops after a bar fight in early 2007 – show of hands of people who haven’t been tasered??

2nd Round – 49th pick:  Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame, 6’0″ 302

First off, I don’t think Laws falls this far, but we’re going by rankings here.  Laws is a quick penetrating DT the Birds seem to always gravitate towards.  Only down lineman in collegiate football who had 100+ tackles in 2007.  One of the most outstanding performers in both the Senior Bowl game and practices.  Laws is a low center of gravity brute a la Mike Patterson, who paced the Irish is sacks and stops behind the line of scrimmage in 2007. 

3rd Round – 79th pick:  Donnie Avery, WR, Houston, 5’10” 192

The media would jump on this pick like crazy…….Kolb gets his man!!!!  Tough decision here with other wide receiver talents Eddie Royal (VTech), and Jordy Nelson (K-ST) still available.  In reality, I’d take any of the three, but to me Avery is the best athlete with the highest level of consistent production at the collegiate level among the bunch.  Avery is the prototypical “playmaker” with speed the Birds could be looking for.  Size is a detriment, but Avery showed steady improvement every year in college.  Avery could also step in on day one and return kicks for the squad.

 There you go….the Birds get their starting nickel corner, and Sheldon Brown replacement (2 or 3 years down the road) or if need be, their Brian Dawkins replacement.  They get a rotational DT and increased line depth, and they snag a big play WR who could step in day one and contribute on special teams as a returner while he learns the offense. 

I could have gone a thousand different ways here.  I was also considering:

19th:  Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

49th:  Justin King, DB, PSU

79th:  Eddie Royal, WR. VTech

I’d like to see what everyone else thinks here……

2008 Prospects Updated

To recap the 2008 Prospect List is a summary of the collegiate players the Eagles have targeted/interviewed/shown interest in.  This list was born on the message board, and will grow up and go through puberty on Eagle Scout Uncensored.

The list is current as of 7:05 EST, March 3, 2008. 

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2008 Draft Prospects

If you haven’t noticed on the toolbar above, there is a page dedicated to potential 2008 draft picks the Eagles have shown interest in be it through interviews at the Senior Bowl, combine, etc.  I will try to keep this list as current as possible as we head towards the draft.  Look for updates in the coming couple of days. 

 I originally listed the prospects page on the blog, however, I’d rather dedicate a page to it as vistitors can check back as the list evolves.  By the way, if you have any tips, you can use the comments section or send an email to – or course I will give credit where credit is due. 

Welcome to Eagle Scout Uncensored

As the head writer/editor of the Eagle Scout Blog on, my contract limits certain opinions and creative license regarding:

Language, tasteless jokes, overall debauchery, and of course, Mr. Mark Eckel of the Trenton Times. 

 Thus, to restore my personal constitution of bowing to no man, woman, or child, I have started a little side venture here as, you guessed it, Eagle Scout Uncensored.

 What a megalomanic I am.  In the upcoming days I’ll most likely hire such personalities as Terrell Owens, Don King, and both the Clinton and Bush families to blog here along with me.  

In addition to the idea of creating a forum without rules, I also needed a site with dedicated pages that could be permalinked and grown without boundaries. 

So that’s the story, it’s 1967 all over again, and I’m going to change the world.  Because, you know, blogging without limits is so rare these days.