Updates, Updates, 2008 Eagles Prospects

Another update to the 2008 prospects page includes interest in top ranked Michigan State WR Devin Thomas, WR Jerome Simpson of Coastal Carolina, and Chester’s own WR Shaheer McBride.  There are some other lesser-knowns included as well.  Some video of the updated prospects:

 Jerome Simpson

Devin Thomas

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2 responses to “Updates, Updates, 2008 Eagles Prospects

  1. Look, these guys are good, but if I’m the Eagles, my pick at WR is James Hardy from Indiana. He had at least one touchdown in 11 of 13 games last season. The kid is 6’7″, 220 lbs and wasn’t recruited by Indiana’s mediocre football team, he was recruited by Indiana’s better-than-most basketball team. Great hands and runs about a 4.45 forty-yard dash.

    In comparison, Devin Thomas is 6’2″, 218 pounds (4.40 secs in the 40) and had touchdowns in only 6 of 13 games last season. Both had 79 catches in 2007, and Thomas had 125 more yards. However, in 2006 Thomas only had 6 catches for 90 yards and 1 touchdown. Hardy had 51 catches, 722 yards, and 10 touchdowns. In 2006, Hardy had 61 catches, 893 yards, 10 touchdowns. Thomas had no statistics.

    In comparison to Simpson, Hardy’s career numbers aren’t as good. However, Simpson’s best season (2006: 61 recs, 1077 yds, 16 tds) wasn’t as good as Hardy’s (2007: 79 recs, 1125 yds, 16 tds), and Hardy played in the Big Ten. The same is true if you look at the second best season (Simpson 2007: 41 recs, 697 yds, 11 tds; Hardy 2006: 51 recs, 722 yds, 10 tds). Simpson is 6’2″, 199 pounds, and runs a 4.42 forty-yard-dash.

    All of this info leads to just one conclusion, the Eagles must figure out a way to draft James Hardy, WR, Indiana University. Otherwise, the Eagles receiving corps will continue to perform at a subpar level. This kid is the missing piece.

  2. Tracer Bullet

    Hardy is big and scored a lot of TDs, but he ran a 4.51 at the Combine so he’s not going to blow past anyone. Jerry Rice excelled without great speed, but he was Jerry Rice and there is no evidence Hardy is that kind of talent.

    In Thomas’ defense, JohnEl was a boob. He showed great ability to pick up YAC in that video and he had success as a return man, which Hardy likely won’t do.

    I’d be happy with either one, but to suggest Hardy is an absolute must is just silly.

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