Updates to the 2008 Draft Prospects

The 2008 Draft Prospect Page has been updated with the latest and greatest.  Updates include WR Harry Douglas, WR Earl Bennett, ILB Red Keith, and OT Devin Clark.

By the way – if you have any tips for your author regarding players that interest the Birds, simply comment, or shoot an email to Eaglescoutblog@yahoo.com.


4 responses to “Updates to the 2008 Draft Prospects

  1. Weaver isn’t particularly big (6-feet, 209lbs) or fast (4.48) or a red zone threat (5 TDs in 2007) but he does hold the SEC record for career receptions. In other words, he’s exactly the kind of good-but-not-great WR who frightens no one. Because what we need is a 3rd WR whose just like Brown and Avant. Whooptie-damn-do.

  2. Here’s what scares me – Bennett’s yards per catch in 2007 was 11.1/ypc. That’s insanely low.

  3. Re: Jason Bennett. Now they’re just fucking with us.

  4. Sorry, should have said Jason Forsett.

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