What WR will the draft bring?

The Fitzgerald speculation had many Birds’ fans frothing at the mouth like Mark Chumura at a Girl Scout convention.  Now that Fitz is off the table, speculation has already moved toward the potential acquisition of Roy Williams, Chad Johnson, and Anquan Boldin.  Realistically, the next wide receiver signed by the Birds will likely be one of their 2008 draft picks.  Who could be available when the Eagles pick at #19?

Could be any damn one of them.  See, 2008’s draft class is not top heavy in talent, there are no Larry Fitzgeralds or Calvin Johnsons, but hopefully, there may be a number of Marques Colstons.  According to NFL Network draft maven Mike Mayock, none of the collegiate prospects are worthy of a true first round grade.   NFLDraftScout.com (A site I subscribe to because I’m a raging draft loser) currently lists four guys with first round grades – they are:

First Round Grades

  1. Devin Thomas – Michigan St. – 6’2″ 215
  2. DeSean Jackson – California – 5’10” 169 (!) 
  3. Malcolm Kelly – Oklahoma – 6’4″ 224
  4. Limas Sweed – Texas – 6’4″ 215

Second round grades include: 

Second Round Grades

  1. James Hardy – Indiana – 6’6″ 217
  2. Early Doucet– LSU – 6’0″ 209
  3. Andre Caldwell – Florida – 6’0″ 204
  4. Mario Manningham – Michigan – 6’0″ 181

Personally with no break out WRs jumping out at the Birds, I’d rather have them go for value in the 2nd round through 4th round.  I’d like to hear if anyone agrees or has a differing opinion.   

I am not enthralled with Devin Thomas as he was a total one year wonder in 2007.  DeSean Jackson is a playmaker, but is tiny at 169 pounds.  Kelly, Sweed, and Hardy fit the big, west coast ready mold, but again, they’d be much more digestible to me in the 2nd round. 

By the way – I’m in Florida playing golf until Sunday, so the page will be devoid of new material until at least Monday.  Hopefully everyone will be able to survive.  


4 responses to “What WR will the draft bring?

  1. I liked Jackson, until he showed up at the combine weighing giving up 60 pounds to Holly Mangold. Sweed looked like a beast, but a WR with an injured wrist is a scary thing. Doucet seems small and slow, Caldwell is from Florida and Gator WRs have a tendency to be terrible pros and Manningham always struck me as an underachiever. Hardy scored a bunch of TDs, but he may be too slow to be a deep threat. I don’t know much about Kelly.

    Of course, none of it matters because they’re taking Phillips, Williams or Otah at #19. I’ve had a man-crush on McKelvey since I saw him dominate against OK St, but I can’t imagine they’ll get a shot at him.

  2. Max Jean-Gilles could swallow Jackson whole.

  3. I think Andre Caldwell might be the surprise of this draft. He comes out of Florida as their all-time leading receiver, playing for a team which competes in the tough Southeastern Conference. He’s got size, speed, hands, returnability and is a former captain. I also like Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue on day two. Thanks.

  4. I am on the James Hardy bandwagon. This guy is a big physical receiver this team is lacking. The Eagles red zone woes would be fixed with this 6’6″ TD machine(36 in 3 years).

    He reminds me of Plaxico Burress when you look at his athletic ability. He is not just another tall receiver, he is a big receiver with good speed, and is a premier athlete. I think the Birds should down in the first, or trade up in the 2nd to grab him.

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