Monthly Archives: February 2008

Welcome to Eagle Scout Uncensored

As the head writer/editor of the Eagle Scout Blog on, my contract limits certain opinions and creative license regarding:

Language, tasteless jokes, overall debauchery, and of course, Mr. Mark Eckel of the Trenton Times. 

 Thus, to restore my personal constitution of bowing to no man, woman, or child, I have started a little side venture here as, you guessed it, Eagle Scout Uncensored.

 What a megalomanic I am.  In the upcoming days I’ll most likely hire such personalities as Terrell Owens, Don King, and both the Clinton and Bush families to blog here along with me.  

In addition to the idea of creating a forum without rules, I also needed a site with dedicated pages that could be permalinked and grown without boundaries. 

So that’s the story, it’s 1967 all over again, and I’m going to change the world.  Because, you know, blogging without limits is so rare these days.